Integrative Embodiment Coaching

Integrating our shadows to fully embody our light

Through Integrative Embodiment Coaching I create a space for you to access and practice somatic awareness while aligning with holistic healing and sovereignty. This is completely client-driven work. I will create and hold the container for you to dive deeper into your own consciousness and open the channels to attune to your body’s inner wisdom. By dropping into your somatic experience you are able to make decisions that help to create new neural pathways. When you practice choosing pleasure in the moment you are dissolving your attachments to stress and resistance. This is space to claim your birthright of holistic embodiment and living a life rich in pleasure!

“Many roads lead to the path, but basically there are only two: reason and practice.” -Bodhidharma

I offer various programs but each of these roads are ultimately aligned to the same path. Through mindfulness, diverse teachings, and somatic exercises, the work we do together serves as a bridge to enter states of self-actualization. There are many ways to expand awareness and I offer a collection of services to support you along the journey. All of my offerings are here to ensure that you are given the tools and activations that assist in creating sustainable elevations in quality of life and consciousness.

Programs and Offerings

Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap coaching is for those who desire to shift out of stuck and mundane patterns and break into a new frequency of living. By working through the layers of self we begin to release blockages and embrace life with more energy, freedom, and awareness.

Womb Attunement

The womb is the place of ultimate creation and dissolution. I will guide you on this journey to accessing your divine wisdom and power through the portal in your sacral chakra. This program is for all genders to connect with the sacred feminine within.

Divine Union Within

It’s time to release constructs of external polarized gender and embrace the Divine Union within. When we come to embody our healthy and thriving masculine to support and build structure for our healthy and thriving feminine to create, life takes on another dimension and sovereignty trumps all.

Sexual Reclamation

Sexual Reclamation is a path for taking back your creative energy and embodying a life of healing through pleasure. Through Somatic Sex Education and Sacred Sexuality teachings you are given the tools to fully embody a life full of more sensuality and fulfillment.

Spiritual Integration

Spiritual awakenings and connections can happen when we least expect them and can be loaded with information, sensations, and insights that can sometimes feel overwhelming to be processing alone. This is a safe space to process and find meaning in your experiences along the way of your journey.

Specialty Programs and Intensives

Cacao Immersions, Half Day Retreats,
Workshops, and more!

Important note: I use a lot of language around “masculine” and “feminine” to address aspects of self that hold polarized energies and properties. These qualities of masculine and feminine are only meant to speak to inner parts of self. Using this language is not to reinforce any of the social constructs that have been created around gender. Every one of my programs is inclusive for ALL IDENTITIES. I am aware of the sensitivities with using this language and want to acknowledge that this may activate triggers for some. I do not support oppression through gender constructs. Through the use of this language I wish to align the Divine Union within each of us.

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